Quality Service

We at HCA guarantee a high quality of service. Here are the main reasons why:

Innovative Thinking

Thinking is a big thing for us. It drives our hope to be better consultants and it creates a point of difference with our competitors. Despite being stayers, we are not stuck in old ways of thinking, fossilised around a few ways of consulting. On the contrary, we are committed to working with each client individually, giving them something from our unique way of thinking. Equally, the cultural and educational diversity of our people continually brings new thinking to the company and its solutions.

Feel free to come and talk with us about our thinking and how this might be of value to your circumstances


Organisational Structure

HCA is comprised of a small core team that works closely and fluidly with an extensive network of specialist consultant associates who are highly regarded in their respective disciplines. Our unique set-up allows us to successfully manage small and large research projects (greater than $1m) at a national level while consistently guaranteeing a high level of personalised service. The geographical location of our specialist associates and alliances allow us to undertake projects across various states at an economical level.


Consultancy Approach

Our consultancy approach best summarised as “Consult, Analyse, Synthesise, Guide” guarantees that we really listen to your unique needs and work with you to methodically search and adopt and develop the solution that will work for you.



We take great care to ensure privacy and confidentiality to your organisation and your workers. We have long established protocols for collecting, storing and analysing data/information learnt from working with extremely sensitive personal information.



HCA has been around for over 20 years clearly demonstrating its long-term reliability in the tumultuous world of management consultancy.


Old-fashioned integrity and pride from our work

In the end, HCA can remarkably differentiate itself with its old-fashioned integrity and desire to obtain pride from our work.