HCA’s Own Human Capital

HCA has a very modern infrastructure and business model, which allows it to flexibly respond to a large range of potential client demands without having to retain (at great cost) a large and permanent reserve of human resources. The key elements of the HCA architecture are:

  • A core team of staff consultants who have specialist human resources research expertise but as well bring to each project high order project management, great verbal and written communication, and stakeholder management skills. These generic skills are critical to the success of all consultancy projects. Learn more about HCA’s Core Staff.
  • A virtual office culture of working supported by appropriate technology which allows staff consultants (and associates) to live and work anywhere but still be fully engaged in HCA’s very collaborative and team oriented consultancy approach.
  • A set of long term associate or ‘partner’ consultants who have specific content knowledge and skills, mostly in areas of health service policy or delivery, and through repeated collaboration with HCA are able to apply their specific knowledge through a human resources perspective. Learn more about HCA’s wonderful Associates.Some associates have evolved more into ‘partnership’ arrangements at an organisational level, and are often included in consortium bids on tenders.
  • A number of key outsource Partner Companies, who have been with HCA so long they feel like part of our company, and seamlessly provide ICT, administrative, accounting and financial management support. These partner relationships are critical to HCA being able to remain a small and nimble organisation with great capacity to flexibly respond to client needs, but operate more like a large organisation with strong accounting, communication, quality improvement and administrative systems.