HCA Partner Organisations

Business Partners

  • Murawin http://www.murawin.com.au
    Since 2016 HCA has been in a strategic relationship Carol Valewith an Indigenous owned and operated research company called Murawin, the principal of which is Carol Vale. More information on Carol Vale can be found under the Aboriginal Health tab on our Associates page. Working with Carol, and an integral part of HCA/Murawin projects, is Kate Kellaher. Details of her can also be found on our Associates page.

    Murawin is a specialist intercultural consultation and facilitation business that collaborates with its clients to develop culturally appropriate responses and innovative solutions. Murawin core staff and associates have a passion for strengthening cultural competencies and professional capabilities. Its core values of inclusiveness, cultural safety and respect underpin every aspect of its work.

    Apart from Carol and Kate, Murawin’s team consists of a talented group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous professionals who bring an extensive range of experiences in policy development, project management, evaluation, social research and stakeholder engagement across a wide range of policy and program areas.

    Navigating the complexity of Indigenous communities is Murawin’s specialty. Murawin team members understand that engaging successfully with Indigenous communities requires an appreciation of cultural competencies and social dynamics of communities. It is a deliberate and negotiated process, not just based on providing information.

  • CRRMH https://www.crrmh.com.au/
    The Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health (CRRMH) is a state-wide organisation that is committed to improving the mental health, wellbeing and resilience of rural and remote residents.

    A major rural initiative of The University of Newcastle, Faculty of Health and Medicine (www.newcastle.edu.au) and the NSW Ministry of Health (www.health.nsw.gov.au), the Centre has a track record of conducting high quality research and delivering evidence-based programs and services that improve mental health and wellbeing. CRRMH staff are located across rural and remote NSW.

    HCA and CRRMH have done a number of projects together, sometimes with HCA as the lead and at other times The Centre.

  • UNDA http://www.nd.edu.au/
    The University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA) is a distinctive national Catholic university with more than 11,000 students across its campuses in Fremantle, Broome and Sydney.

    As outlined in the University’s Objects, Notre Dame provides an excellent standard of pastoral care for students and is one of the highest rated universities in Australia with a leading graduate employment rate of 79% (well above the national average of 69%).

    Apart from HCA’s Principal being an Adjunct Associate Professor of the School of Medicine, Sydney, UNDA provides HCA with many resources for specialised knowledge in clinical areas.

Administrative Support Partners

  • IPM Solutions http://ipmsolutions.com.au/

    IPM Solutions (IPMS) is a trading name of Indian Pacific Management Pty Ltd, a management consulting and financial services firm with a history going back 25 plus years.

    IPMS has conducted business around Australia and overseas across the private, government and community sectors in a range of areas including Housing, Childcare, Transport, Small Business, Accounting, the Arts, Women’s Services, Local Economic Development, HR, Aged Care, Education, Engineering, Health and IT. It has specialist skills in the development of small businesses, social enterprises and non-profit organisations. These skills, especially in the area of financial and accounting support, are the basis of the relationship with HCA. Hannah Wales from IPMS is now almost a permanent fixture of HCA and she is supported by IPMS’ Principal, Phil Schwenke. Pictured (L-R): Phil Schwenke, Emily Nguyen, Hannah Wales, Linda Wang.

    IPMS staff have post graduate and graduate qualifications, skills and experience in commerce, accounting, small business, education and training, compliance and quality auditing, expert facilitation and business administration. Our senior staff have held executive positions on significant National and Local Boards, Commissions, Committees and Associations.

  • Friendlyware https://www.friendlyware.com.au/
    Friendlyware provides sound computing solutions to small to medium sized businesses.

    Friendlyware employs qualified support staff and emphasises on-going training in all fields of Information Technology and Customer Support by utilising inhouse training, institutes and vendors’ resources.

    HCA has had a business relationship with Friendlyware for over 25 years, and their ongoing support allows HCA employees to effectively work and collaborate together while working in different locations.

  • Moore Stephens http://www.moorestephens.com.au/
    At Moore Stephens, it’s not about us. It’s all about you. When it comes to providing personalised and commercially astute audit, accounting, tax and business advisory services, it simply can’t be anything else.

    Our focus is about understanding you, your business, your needs, your challenges and, most importantly, how you define success. At Moore Stephens, we’re serious about your success, and it shows. We are mid-market specialists, so we truly understand your operating environment. What’s more, all of our people are long-standing members of their local business communities and when we work with you, we immerse ourselves in your world. We treat your business like it’s ours and we give you all the time you need, when you need it. We share our skills, expertise and knowledge, examining every detail and leaving nothing unnoticed.