HCA’s International Work

HCA has a history of working in middle and low income countries around the world undertaking work similar to the consultancy scope of that undertaken domestically in Australia. In recent years the focus of HCA’s international work has been almost exclusively Human Resources for Health (HRH).

HCA has undertaken assignments from Ireland to Fiji, but is now primarily focused in working with Australia’s neighbours in the Asia Pacific region. Current projects are progressing in Solomon Islands and Mongolia.

Working with a range of partners and associates, HCA aims to bring the right skills, experience and knowledge to inform and design strategic health workforce planning solutions. HCA is able to provide high level advice and a training program on leadership and policy development for the health sector.

With expertise in workforce planning, assessing health workforce needs, designing and developing interventions to build human capital potential, as well as evaluating interventions, HCA is well-placed to respond to and assist any low and middle income country with health workforce advice suited to their identified and emerging needs.

HCA offers expertise and knowledge in health professions training and research and provides access to systems to support the work of health workforce planners and senior health systems managers.

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