Competency Based Management

HCA presents organisations with the opportunity to manage their human capital’s competencies of knowledge, skills and attitude required for the successful performance of a job through a more innovative competency-based approach. We have extensive experience and thought leadership in the area of competency-based management. Our definition of competency is “Knowledge, skills and attitude required for the successful performance of a job.”

What is it For?

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Private and public sector organisations can benefit from applying a competency-based approach to human capital management.  While small and medium sized companies can extract benefit from a partial adoption of a competency based management approach, ideally larger organisations with a functioning human resource information system will be best placed to profit from a comprehensive competency based approach.

In line with this HCA and Oracle (then PeopleSoft) developed a White Paper entitled “Maximising the Impact of Competence on Business Outcomes” which explores the concept of competency and the ways in which its application to human capital management can be instrumental in enhancing business performance.

A copy of the paper can be downloaded here.

Our Approach

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Using your organisational goals as the starting point, we can help you identify the competency requirements of your human resources.

This subsequently provides a comprehensive framework for effective human capital management by careful integration of competency requirements into processes such as recruitment, career and succession planning, training, performance appraisal and remuneration. We believe competency based human capital management can lead to better control of a range of business risks where skill and knowledge is likely to be a critical factor.

HCA is able to leverage extensive experience and knowledge of Australian Vocational Education and Training structures (largely competency based), resources and government initiatives to add value to a competency based human capital approach.

A copy of the paper can be downloaded here.