Health Workforce Planning

HCA is acknowledged as one of the foremost health workforce planning consultancy companies in Australia, and as such is within a very select group of private (or even public) organisations that can genuinely perform comprehensive health workforce planning projects. Over nearly 30 years of accumulated experience, HCA has managed to stay ahead of, and indeed lead, thinking on workforce planning methodology.

HCA’s excellence and capacity to continually innovate derives from:

  • A unique blend of consultant personnel that includes human resources, statistics, qualitative research, social science and economics skills;
  • A solid grounding in traditional workforce planning methodology but an unwillingness to slavishly commit to a traditional approach if the context is adverse; and
  • A strong philosophical approach that emphasises demand thinking over supply, and commences analysis with examination of service requirements rather than available workforce.

HCA’s peerless health workforce planning skills have been applied to many different health workforce studies. A sense of the number of studies performed, the breadth of health workforces covered, and the variety of research approaches adopted, is provided in a sample list of studies. Click here to view the health workforce study list.

In more recent times, HCA’s unique understanding of health workforces combined with its service demand driven approach has been demanded most for workforces — because they are less regulated and the boundaries ambiguous — that are less well studied. Accordingly, HCA has become a leader in the study of three particular service area workforces: