Human capital research

Most businesses (private or public) experience difficulty in applying all their staff, all of the time, to the one task of achieving their major goals and objectives. Unlike other factors of production, human capital is more difficult to manage. It does not behave as predictably as a piece of equipment. Any business (private or public) can have difficulty getting all their workers to ‘read from the same page’, sometimes even ‘the same book’! This explains why many businesses rarely analyse their human capital to see if it is adequate (the right number, appropriate type and level of competence) and it is suitably managed (properly deployment, well motivated, performing optimally) to achieve their business objectives. Virtually no business will achieve its objectives efficiently with unsuitable human capital.

Some of the research services conducted

There are many areas of human capital planning, development, deployment and management that could be the object of research. In keeping though with HCA’s more strategic research services focus the main areas in which research skills and experience have been developed are:

  • Human capital planning;
  • Appreciative inquiry approach to identifying human capital improvement opportunities;
  • Role definition and delineation;
  • Organisation structural review to re-design approach to work;
  • Development of recruitment specifications / direction;
  • Training and development design (including needs assessment, competency standards development, instructional design, curriculum development, trainer and learning guide development);
  • Performance management; and
  • Workforce health and productivity.