Linking Health Workforce and Quality

Establishment of a model for professional certification of medical scientists and technicians working in Australia

HCA has been commissioned by the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS), in partnership with the Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACB), to explore the “Establishment of a national model for professional certification of medical scientists and technicians working in Australian pathology laboratories”.  This project has been funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health through its Quality Use of Pathology Program (QUPP).

The project has been designed to explore professional certification through an evidence-based, coordinated and independent analysis of possible models and then through facilitated and mediated discussions between the relevant existing pathology service stakeholders to achieve consensus on a single selected model. A range of possible suitable options for establishing an objective, transparent and sustainable professional certification model and operating system for all medical scientists and technical staff working in Australian pathology laboratories will be developed for consideration.

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