HCA’s most senior consultant undertaking a PhD

VictoriaHCA’s Victoria Hirst, the longest serving member of the core staff group (apart from the Principal), has been accepted into a PhD program in 2015 at the University of Newcastle
While this might limit to some extent in the short term the time Victoria can continue to contribute to HCA projects, the long term benefits to the company are appreciable. Apart from accelerating Victoria’s knowledge base and competence in an area of HCA work where she has begun to specialise, mental health services workforce, it will bring more academic contacts to HCA, adding to the already long list of HCA’s academic relationships to institutions and individual associates. Victoria’s PhD research aims to investigate the benefits and possibility of including carers of people with mental health issues within the mental health workforce in a more structured way. Thus, some embryonic thinking within HCA about the inefficient way in which carer resources are currently utilised in mental health (and too aged care and disability) and how this could be addressed by adopting a human resources management approach will be explored. Of course, as with all PhD endeavours in the early days, Victoria’s research direction is ever evolving. We will keep you up to date with her research output later in the year, but for those with a keen interest in the area and perhaps already researching this space, don’t hesitate to contact Victoria about her studies.

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