What we do

Since its establishment in 1989, HCA has successfully worked with the public, non-government and private sectors, in a wide diversity of contexts. It has gained a reputation for its ability to listen to and collaborate with clients working towards finding innovative solutions that work.

HCAs areas of specialisation are:

  • Workforce planning
  • Human capital research
  • Competency based human resources development & management
  • Development of competency based training programs and resources
  • Aboriginal health
  • Program evaluation
  • Reports developed to publishable standards

HCA offers services that act in accordance with both the individual worker and the total workforce perspectives of human capital. Within an organisation HCA works to reduce or eliminate the common causes of under-achievement:

– inconsistency between business direction and human capital in workforce numbers and skills mix;
– individual and collective competence;
– deployment and mobilisation; and
– motivation (productivity).

HCA’s expertise has been recognised by a number of government agencies via our selection on a number of panels

1. Department of Health & Ageing: Health Management Advisory Services (HMAS), Organisational Review Services (ORS) & Governance Service Delivery Management Services (G&SDMS) Panels”.
2. “Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Research, Evaluation & Analysis Panels”.
3. Department of Education (DET)
4. Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C)
5. Safe Work Australia
6. Australian Trade Commission (Austrade)
7. Department of Social Services (DoSS)
8. National Archives of Australia
9. Fair Work Ombudsman
10. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
11. Fair Work Commission
12. Department of Environment
13. Department of Defence

We believe building an organisation’s ‘human capital’ consistent with its goal has to be precise in order to reap the desired outcomes. This means getting the link right between the work that has to be done (in order to achieve current and future desired goals) and the specific human capital required.

We do this by analysing business objectives and determining the work required, we translate this into a demand for human capital (expressed as precise skills, knowledge and motivation), and then assess capacity of the current human capital in the organisation/service/program to meet current and future demand, and provide recommendations based on the outcomes.

HCA presents organisations with the opportunity to manage their human capital’s competencies of knowledge, skills and attitude required for the successful performance of a job through a more innovative competency-based approach. We have extensive experience and thought leadership in the area of competency-based management.

This subsequently provides a comprehensive framework for effective human capital management by careful integration of competency requirements into processes such as recruitment, career and succession planning, training, performance appraisal and remuneration. We believe competency based human capital management can lead to better control of a range of business risks where skill and knowledge is likely to be a critical factor.

HCA is able to leverage extensive experience and knowledge of Australian Vocational Education and Training structures (largely competency based), resources and government initiatives to add value to a competency based human capital approach.
to add value to a competency based human capital approach.