Senior Consultant

Debbie Stanford

B Soc Wk (UQ), Masters L Arch (UCan)

Debbie brings a broad range of skills, knowledge and interests to her work as a consultant. She has expertise in conducting and managing qualitative data collection and analysis for evaluation, research and general program review and development, with particular skills in working with vulnerable populations. 

She is an expert in stakeholder engagement and consultation and enjoys working alongside the many and varied players who are striving to contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of Australians, helping to find the points of connection, collaboration and innovation that will support the greatest impacts.

Her experience has provided her with an extensive knowledge and understanding of the Australian healthcare system and community services sector, including their structures, professions, how they are funded and accessed, consumer engagement and quality of care. She is particularly interested in workforce analysis and development; adaptation of service strategies to promote better access for population groups who might otherwise miss out; and consumer empowerment in the care partnership process.

Debbie’s professional experience has led her to place high value on finding ways to adjust systems to address actual and potential disadvantage and to focus on strengths rather than perceptions of deficit. She has worked to do this from within the systems as well as within her role at Human Capital Alliance as she provides independent external analysis and evaluation. 

One of Debbie’s professional highlights has been the privilege of working closely with a number of Aboriginal colleagues to review and evaluate a range of programs, services and strategies. It reminds her that culture, health and wellbeing are inextricably connected and that, in striving to achieve a more ‘person-centred’ care across the board, Debbie believes that the healthcare system can learn much from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers and the values that they bring to their healthcare roles.

Outside of work, Debbie likes to take on projects and to learn new skills and she enjoys anything that involves being out in nature. This includes working with community groups in her Canberra neighbourhood to design and build inclusive and nature-based play opportunities. She is also passionate about finding ways to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to incorporate their culture, values and design into the fabric of 21st century Australia.