What We Do

We are one of the leading workforce planning consultancies in Australia

When you choose Human Capital Alliance it is an investment in the knowledge, skills and expertise we have accumulated since 1989.

Our unique methodologies are designed to gather quantitative and qualitative data to generate detailed views of workforces. 

We offer future focused service and human resources planning and evaluation services, making us a valuable resource for organisations who seek change.

We provide help and direction to initiate, evaluate and review potential outcomes that meet the specific needs of each organisation or program.

Who we are

Human Capital Alliance is about people

Our team was purpose built to bring human resource research expertise, high-level project management, and communication and stakeholder management to suit our client's unique environments.

We designed our boutique organisation to ensure that from the very first meeting until the final consultation you will be working with the same people.

We listen to our client's team and their stakeholders at every stage of the project because it helps us identify what an organisation needs. We value creating personal, authentic connections with our client's organisation - from the leadership team, to the people on the front line and everyone in between.

Our personalised approach allows us to make real connections between research data and the everyday experiences of our clients. We collect both qualitative and quantitative data for evidence in support of unique solutions to our client's specific context.

Our personalised service ensures that our client's team will trust us to work with them to deliver outcomes benefiting them and their consumers. We place people at the centre of everything we do.

We are supported by strong partnerships with a range of experts in a wide variety of fields. We draw on our Associates expertise to create and deliver a scalable and customised consultancy service.

This unique service model will deliver the most knowledgeable and appropriate expertise to guide our client's organisation towards solutions that suit their needs.

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