Our approach to evaluation is guided by our client’s needs.

Our evaluations are custom designed for each client so that we can deliver unique recommendations that are proactive, innovative and practical.

We have completed over 50 evaluation research projects which involve:

  • Preparing evaluation frameworks and evaluation plans
  • Constructing program logic
  • Creating appropriate quasi experimental evaluation designs
  • Identifying suitable and feasible data collection processes.

Long Range Evaluation Expertise

Our work in the immunisation field demonstrates our quantitative and qualitative evaluation method approaches, our ability to create and consolidate relationships with a range of stakeholders, and our ability to build an understanding of and expertise in a specialised fields, as well as our capacity to manage large research projects.

Australian Childhood Immunisation Register Initial Evaluation

We were engaged to provide an evaluation of the early performance of the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR).

We gathered thorough data from a range of sources included stakeholder interviews with State and Territory Governments, academics, professional bodies, parents and vaccine providers. We conducted literature reviews, interrogated sample records and performed an audit analysis of the reporting trail. We tested the integrity of the register and assessed whether targeted coverage rates could be attained and measured. From this we delivered a range of recommendations to the ACIR.

General Practice Immunisation Incentive Scheme

We evaluated the General Practice Immunisation Incentive Scheme which involved a detailed qualitative examination of the attitudes, behaviour and working knowledge of general practitioners towards immunisation at the commencement of the scheme. We also completed a follow up study prior to the scheme’s conclusion of initial funding leading to the scheme being extending with some key changes.

Vaccination Information and Vaccination Administration System

The Vaccination Information and Vaccination Administration System operated in Queensland prior to the ACIR. We were engaged to review the operations and feasibility of the scheme once the ACIR had been funded and became sustainable.

We collected qualitative data through stakeholder consultations and quantitative data through a record audit, providing Queensland Health with recommendations for the future of the register. Our recommendations included its overall future form, ways to improve its effectiveness and efficiency and alternative strategies to support the immunisation data needs of the Queensland immunisation program.

National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance

We were commissioned to undertake a strategic review of The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS). The NCIRS monitors the progress of Australia’s immunisation programs.

We assessed the performance of the NCIRS against the Australian Government’s Expenditure Review Principles of appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency, integration, performance assessment and strategic policy alignment. We considered the alignment and integration of NCIRS research outcomes to strengthen the impact on Australian Government immunisation policy. Our management audit approach recommended important changes to the NCIRS governance structure which included a separation of its surveillance and commercial research activities.

National General Practice Immunisation Coordinator

We evaluated the performance of the National General Practice Immunisation Coordinator (NGPIC) to look at its three areas of activity and responsibility. We conducted a situational analysis of the work of the NGPIC, a descriptive analysis of the year-to-year budget of the NGPIC and its acquittal funds, an audit of the materials and documents held by the NGPIC and stakeholder consultations.