Stethoscope next to laptop

The HCA team has been working on a new development the last couple of months and is excited to announce the establishment of a new Digital Health Unit.

The Unit brings together a highly specialised team of HCA Associates with expertise in health information workforce planning and management of health information processes.

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased focus on digital health and e-health initiatives the world over to support health information sharing and access to healthcare. However, in many countries and communities the knowledge, capacity and infrastructure to enable digital health is still in a developmental stage.

The HCA Digital Health Unit has been established to focus on improving digital health maturity and better use of quality health data for positive health and wellbeing outcomes. A particular focus of the Unit will be to build capacity and support improvements in First Nations communities in Australia and Pacific Island countries and low to middle-income countries of Asia.

The concept and understanding of digital health is wide ranging, but the WHO Global strategy on digital health 2020-2025 has defined digital health as:

“The field of knowledge and practice associated with the development and use of digital technologies to improve health”.

Within this definition, HCA’s new Unit will focus on high level strategies to build capacity of systems, infrastructure, processes and workforces to support the management and use of quality health data.

Visit the HCA Digital Health Unit page for more information about the Unit and the high quality team.


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