Principal Consultant

Lee Ridoutt

BSc (UNSW), MA Education & Work (Macquarie University)

Lee has created an organisation that offers a personalised service to it’s clients – when you engage Human Capital Alliance, you are engaging directly with Lee and his team.

Lee is passionate about his work. He sees every project as an opportunity to do something worthwhile, whether that is increasing the productivity of a workforce, creating a more useful pathway for an organisation, or to help clients better serve their customers. Lee values quality above all else. He believes that at the end of the project, the client will know that Human Capital Alliance has provided them with something no other company could.

Over 30 years of consultancy, Lee has many career highlights. As well as consulting within Australia, he has provided consultancy in Asia to British, American and Australian companies, as well as consultancy assignments in developing countries such as Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia and Egypt, and more developed economies such as Ireland, Ukraine and Hong Kong helping to improve human resource planning and management responses. His consultancy clients include some of the major United Nations organisations such as WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, EBRD and the World Bank.

One of his proudest achievements was setting up an organisation in Bangladesh that employed 50 professionals developing cutting edge and culturally appropriate communication processes that facilitated the transfer of knowledge from content experts to the poorest and most under-served populations. In a national first, his skills and expertise also guided NSW Department of Health through a project that built the capacity to undertake detailed and sophisticated planning exercises that helped to optimise the delivery of health care.

His biggest career highlight though is building Human Capital Alliance from the ground up into a sophisticated management consulting company that has continued to grow and evolve in a highly competitive business environment. He is proud of the personalised service that Human Capital Alliance offers and delivers to its clients.

When Lee is not at work, you might see him at a Sydney Swans match. Lee grew up playing AFL and has been a member of the Swans since the ‘bad’ old days before Tony Lockett. Being an AFL lover in a rugby league town means that Lee understands what it is like to be different, which is reflected in Human Capital Alliance’s organisation and corporate ethos. Lee also likes to buy old furniture and restore it to display condition. It’s a project that provides the satisfaction of a clear start and finish, unlike consultancy which is part of an ongoing process to facilitate change.